My Tools Box

The Tools You Need For Your Online Business

Do you want to start an online business? Do you have an online business? You need the necessary tools for your online business to flourish in this day and age.

This resource section for contains tools i have personally used and conversant with. These are the tools I recommend to people I interact with through my blog. Try the following tools:

Disclosure: If you buy any of the blogging tools mentioned in resource section, I may be paid a small commission. But there’s no extra cost to you.

Web hosting

Bluehost is the best web hosting provider. It is my #1 web hosting company I recommend to my blog post readers. Sign up for hosting with Bluehost.

Webinar Software

Do you want to start webinars and you looking for the best webinar software for hosting your webinars?  Webinarjam is the best.

Domain Name Regisrar

Namecheap is the best for domain registration.  It      does not charge unfair prices like other domain name registration companies.

Landing Pages

Leadpages is the best for building landing pages. I rank it #1 landing page builder.  Choose Leadpages which is the best landing page for online business.

Email Marketing Software

Constant Contact is the best for building your email list. If you want to build your email list, Constant Contact is will do the job successfully. 

VPN Services

Do you want to hide your IP address when you go online ? Cyberghost is the best VPN service that can mask your IP address.

Podcast Software

Do you want to get started with podcasts, launch your podcast on Buzzsprout?  Buzzsprout is the best for launching a podcast. Start a podcast.

Online Course Platforms

Thinkific is the best for selling online courses.
Selling courses increases your online income base if you want to start an online course. 

WordPress Themes

Asra is the best wordpress themes  i have ever seen. It is optimized and suitable for creating blogs and business websites. Design and make your blog eye catching.

SEO Tools

Both the free and the premium versions are useful. Yoast has countless features that will improve your ranking in Google. Try the free version.

Website Tracker

Do you want to track the performance of your website? Google anaytics will do it for you at no cost. It tracks the performance of websites.

Social Sharing Icons

Do you want your readers to share your content on social media? There is a tool that will help you to achieve that dream. This is social warfare.