The Top 8 News Blogs in Zambia

News blogs in Zambia

Zambia online news blogs are on the increase. Though the number of blogs in the country is on the increase, Zambia seems to have the least number of blogs on the continent. Am yet to find out why this is the case. 

I carried out research on the number of online news blogs operating in Zambia. Surprisingly, I learned that there are only 6 in total. These blogs, however, cover a host of topics ranging from news, politics, lifestyle, religion to business.

In this article, I will share with you the names of the top 6 news bogs in Zambia. They are ranked in their order of Domain authority. I’ll talk about their domain authority, age, and Alexa Global Rank.

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Let’s get started.

The Best Online News Blogs In Zambia

  1. Zambia Daily Mail (DA: 67)
  2. Lusaka Times (DA: 63)
  3. Zambian Observer (DA: 60)
  4. Zambia Reports (DA: 55)
  5. Zambia Watchdog (DA: 53)
  6. Mwebantu (DA: 41)
  7. Tumfweko (DA: 40)
  8. News Diggers (DA: 36)

These rankings were obtained from However, News diggers and Tumfweko share the same position in the SEO website checker.

1. Zambia Daily Mail

Zambia daily mail is a state-owned online news blog operating in Zambia. It covers the following topics: business, entertainment, and news.

Blog Name: Zambia daily mail


Topics Covered: business, entertainment, and news

Domain Authority (DA): 67

Age Of The Site: Not known

Alexa Global Rank: 539,052

2. Lusaka Times

This is Zambia’s leading and trusted online news website with regular updates and news as soon as it breaks. There’s not much information on the blog about the founder and other valuable details.

Blog Name: Lusaka times


Topics Covered: Economy, health, general news, Sports

Domain Authority (DA): 65

Age Of The Site:14 years

Alexa Global Rank: 109,596

3. The Zambian Observer

It is one of the best online news blogs in Zambia. This blog provides news to the people of Zambia. It also focuses on entertainment, politics, style, crime, and other pieces of news.

Website Name: The Zambian observer


Topics Covered: Politics, business, religion, entertainment, current affairs

Domain Authority (DA): 60

Age Of The Site: 5 Years

Alexa Global Rank: 200,583

4. Zambia Reports

This is a privately owned news blog. Their aim is to provide political and economic intelligence both for the domestic and regional audience as well as the foreign investment community.

It was launched in March 2012. Zambia report was an initiative of journalists who felt that the media environment would benefit from unconventional and fresh perspectives outside the mainstream voices in public.

Blog Name: Zambia reports


Topics Covered: Politics, economy, sports, news

Domain Authority (DA):55

Age Of The Site: 8 years

Alexa Global Rank:505,100

5. Zambian Watchdog.


This site is owned by local journalists. The Zambian Watchdog is one of the news blogs that aims at breaking news to the Zambian people.

They have been providing news since 2003, they provide checks and balances on the Zambian government as well as an in-depth analysis of events in Zambia.

Website Name: Zambia watchdog


Topics Covered: Corruption, drug trafficking, news

Domain Authority (DA): 53

Age Of The Site: 12 years

Alexa Global Rank: 206, 370

6. Mwebantu

There is less information about Mwebantu. It is an online news blog operating in Zambia. It covers the following topics: politics, life, and tech.

Blog Name: Mwebantu


Topics Covered: Politics, life, entertainment, and news

Domain Authority (DA): 41

Age Of The Site: 9 years

Alexa Global Rank: 1,175,312

7. Tumfweko.

There is not much information about Tumfweko. But it is a news blog operating in Zambia. It covers the following topics: politics, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Blog Name: Tumfweko


Topics Covered: Politics, lifestyle, entertainment, news

Domain Authority (DA): 40

Age Of The Site: 10 Years

Alexa Global Rank: 320,872

8. News Diggers

This news blog focuses on investigative journalism. It is a team of experienced, dedicated, and talented journalists whose goal is to shape the art of digital journalism.

Democracy needs a free and critical press to foster accountability and good governance. Therefore, News Diggers facilitates this as they have an ear to the ground.

Blog Name: News diggers


Topics Covered: Business, lifestyle, news

Domain Authority (DA): 36

Age Of The Site: 3 years

Alexa Global Rank: 410,541

Summary: Online News Blogs In Zambia

Zambia has very few blogs. The only blogs that seem to be doing pretty well are those in the news industry. Zambia has a total of 6  news blogs. These blogs:  Lusaka Times, Zambia Reports, Zambia Watchdog, Zambian Observer, News Diggers, and  Tumfweko.

Visit these Zambian news blogs to find out about the quality of their news. Compare the sites and subscribe to the one that is appealing to your heart to receive the latest news in Zambia and elsewhere.

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