14 Best High Paying Yoga Affiliate Programs In 2021

Yoga - Affiliate programs

For some people, yoga has become a way of life. And that’s created a huge demand for products and services related to the practice. Hence the best Yoga affiliate programs.

In this article, I will talk about the 14 best high-paying Yoga Affiliate Programs.

Let’s get started.

The Best Yoga Affiliate Programs

They range from:

Manduka Affiliate Program

It is a one-stop-shop for any aspiring yogi.

Manduka is the producer of some of the most liked yoga mats. The other products they produce include gear and clothing.

Whether they are looking for towels or comfortable clothing, you can find it all at the place, Manduka.

Online yoga classes are another great feature that is marketable. These are available in a variety of languages and from various locations around the world.

Manduka is a leading brand in yoga offers the best affiliate programs. Their products are well sought after. The commission rate that they offer is not very high.

They’ve sold out over 2 million yoga mats to students and studios in 100 different countries.

Natural or renewable materials are used in most of their products, which appeals to the growing market of environmentally-conscious consumers.

Therefore, the yoga video classes are a great product to promote. They are accessible from around the world and available in many languages.

This helps your visitors to sign up for classes in their native tongues.

Commission highlights:

Commission: 6-15%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Barefoot Yoga

They are an innovator and leader in the Yoga industry and created the first Yoga mat bag. Barefoot Yoga has been providing Yoga customers with the highest Yoga products since 1998.

It is one of the best Yoga affiliate programs well known around the world. They were the first to bring authentic Mysore practice rugs to the United States. 

Since Barefoot Yoga has been selling online for over a decade, they know how to closely monitor product availability and conversion rates to help keep their customers and affiliates happy.

They use ShareASale to manage their affiliate program and provide their affiliates with a large selection of images, text links, and promotional banners to use.

They provide a generous commission rate, a large selection of products to promote, lots of marketing material, long cookie life

Barefoot Yoga is a trusted name in the yoga industry with lots of products to promote in their various and offers a generous commission rate for their affiliates.

Commission highlights:

Commission: 10%

Cookie duration: 60 days

Man Flow Yoga Affiliate Program

Man Flow Yoga has a host of yoga products. So this gives you a lot of options when it comes to the content that you can create.

The traffic that you drive to them is rewarded when it converts to a sale, as well as to a lead. 

Man Flow Yoga has an ever-growing repository of marketing material and resources. They’re able to normally help in your efforts of content creation.

So this makes it easier for you to spend your time writing and researching instead of the image creation process.

The materials and products that are available on this platform are designed to work together with other workout programs that you are already using.

The most important reason for promoting this program is the potential lifetime earnings that are presented by subscriptions.

It also shows that there are lots of materials to use for promotional purposes. These range from eBooks, Training Programs, and other digital products.

But memberships are one of the profitable things that you can promote. The single order value of this would be $14.99 monthly or  $179.97 annually to be paid for the year.

However, when the payment is made monthly, it is $29.97. So it offers one of the best affiliate programs.

Commission highlights:

Commission: Variable

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

Jade Yoga Affiliate Program

Jade Yoga has a variety of yoga products that are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike. Their products are known to be durable.

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, this is a brand that you should be proud to be associated with. 

Their yoga mats are undoubtedly the most popular products that Jade Yoga stocks. The harmony mat is sold at $79.95. It is a best seller. This would generate a commission of $15.99 for every sale that you refer to them.

Commission highlights:

Commission: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Wai Lana Yoga Affiliate Program

Wai Lana Yoga is a yoga brand that stocks food. The stock chips, workout kits, mats, books, and so on.

The range of products that they provide goes a long way to cover any of the needs of yoga enthusiasts.

The wellness packages do not end in yoga. They cover meditation and other relaxation techniques.

Their product line covers physical nourishment and training. Some products are specifically meant for children.

The Little Yogis line would be ideal to promote. This is an exciting line for children. It includes mats, eco balls, DVDs, books, and music. They are colorful, and perfectly tailored for kids.

Commission highlights:

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: 120 Days

Gaiam Affiliate Program

Gaiam has products for both children and adults. Their focus is on making products that make it easy to practice yoga wherever you are.

There are products for use in the office. You will also find the usual mats, blocks, and towels.

Some of the products are divided into categories based on the perceived goals of each prospective buyer.

These include fitness and stability. They also have products that are designed to deal with problems that people may encounter.

These problems include shoulder & back, hands & arms, legs & feet, and the entire body. The website also houses resources such as recovery workout guides.

The Yoga Studio mind and body app is a great product to promote. It is available for free download.

This would make an easy entry point and activate your cookie. As they use the app, there will be products that they need that are available on the website.

Commission highlights:

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 10 Days

DDP Yoga Affiliate Program

DDP Yoga is available either as a physical product in the form of DVD packs, or you can purchase a digital subscription for $86 per year.

They also sell a wide range of promotional items like hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even an iPhone case.

All of those items can add up to incidental sales for you because people are likely to want one of the yoga training products.

Their 10% commission rate is also above average and the name behind the brand might also help with conversions.

There’s no public URL for signing up for their affiliate program, so you’ll need to sign up for Rakuten first and then search for DDP Yoga from within the Merchant Tools section.

It is one of the yoga affiliate programs you should consider promoting.

Commission highlights:

Commission: 10%

EPC: Not known

Cookie duration: 30 days

Her Yoga Secrets Affiliate Program

A lot of people who are looking to buy yoga training programs may not necessarily be excited by the idea.

Her Yoga Secrets training program is designed for people who pay for the training in one go and do not have a recurring monthly payment. It is a subscription-based program. 

There are two packages that people can choose from. One of these gives you digital products while the other one combines digital and physical products.

The digital products are immediately accessible while the physical products are shipped out to the customer’s address.

This is a well-branded program that has a great landing page. It is taught by a likable lady with who some yoga enthusiasts will already be familiar.

Once you get people onto this page conversion should be fairly successful. A good commission rate is an added incentive.

There is only one program to promote. If you had to push the variation it would probably have to be the digital version.

We are in a digital age, most people would be pleased to be able to begin training immediately without having to wait for the post.

Commission highlights

Commission: 30%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Healthy Moving Affiliate Program

If you don’t need to exercise because your body is not shaped by what you do in the gym but by how you move all the time.

So to improve your health and wellness, you should focus on how you move and position your body and learn how to improve it.

Before you buy, you can sign up for the free “No-Time Exercise Solution” class to see why exercise doesn’t work and what you can do to improve your health.

All courses come with a money-back guarantee. Just send them an email within 14 days of registering for a full refund.

Affiliates receive very generous 30% commissions on all sales besides your own purchases and community services events and programs.

The cookie life is 6 months long so you have half a year to earn commissions from your leads.

The Healthy Moving affiliate program is run on their site and affiliates are paid via PayPal within two weeks of month-end. You also have access to lots of buttons and badges which you can use when you like. 

Commission highlights:

Commission: 6 months 

Cook duration: Not Known

Yogaboy affiliate program

Yogabody is a creation by Lucas Rockwood in 2007. The company has now grown into an internationally recognized nutrition and education organization serving over 81 countries. 

In 2013, Yogabody Fitness was founded. It is a yoga studio business model that pays teachers a living wage and makes the healing benefits of yoga accessible to everyone.

Along with their wide selection of Yoga products, visitors can also listen to their podcast, download free yoga sequences, recipes, watch videos, and more.

Anyone who believes in its products and has a website or social media following of yoga, health, and wellness fans can join their program. 

Affiliates receive 20% commissions on each successful sale. You also receive 10% of sales from all affiliates you refer to their program.

The tracking cookies last an amazing 1 year so you have a very long time to capture sales.

Their affiliate program has been very successful with their top affiliate making over $16,000 in a year. It is, indeed, one of the best yoga affiliate programs.

Commission highlights:

Commission: 20%

Cookie policy: 1 year

Everything Yoga

Everything Yoga has everything you need for Yoga plus a comprehensive database of local Yoga studios. They are also well connected in the global yoga community and have a comprehensive directory of local Yoga studios.

Everything Yoga has as its name suggests everything you need for Yoga. All orders over $75 are eligible for free shipping. They offer same-day shipping and 3 days delivery on most orders.

Everything Yoga uses ShareASale to manage its affiliate program. Affiliates get access to a host of deals and coupons database and their data feed with 1200+ optimized products.

They offer their affiliates 10% commissions with an average $85 order value.

Commission highlights:

Commission: 10%

Cookie policy: 30 days

Book Yoga Retreats

Book Yoga Retreats is the largest yoga retreat platform in the world. The website now lists more than 7000 retreats, is working with over 3000 retreat organizers, and is promoting retreats in more than 70 countries.

We believe true wellness comes from a healthy body, spirit, and mind, and with Book Yoga Retreats holidays you’ll find the holiday best-suited for you.

The affiliate program is built by Tripaneer and designed for bloggers, magazines, digital nomads, and influencers focussed around yoga, detox, meditation, yoga teacher training courses, and the overall wellness industry. 

You’ll receive a unique affiliate code and a login to the Tripaneer Dashboard, in which you can find a link builder, image database, and recommendations widgets to help you create your content.

Tripaneer was founded in The Netherlands in 2013 as the world’s first yoga retreat marketplace and has been steadily growing along with the yoga and wellness trend over the years.

BookYogaRetreats.com is one of Tripaneer’s 13 satellite websites, each focused on wellness, adventure, or cultural multi-day experiences.

BookYogaRetreats affiliate program is the go-to program for those who have an affinity with travel, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle.

Commission highlights:

Commission: Share: 35-50%

Cookie policy: 14 days

Mukha Yoga Affiliate Program

Mukha Yoga joins people to yoga so that they can link up with each other. The practice of yoga is loaded with the components of the universe, and Mukha Yoga’s purpose is to be a viable energy business.

When you buy stuff with Mukha Yoga, they give some part as a contribution to One Tree Planted, an organization dedicated to the re-afforestation of areas destroyed by fires and loss of forest areas due to deforestation.

They save the environment by using minimal plastic even in their shipping process as they use recyclable material.

Commission highlights:

Commission: 8%

Cookie policy: 60 days

My Yoga Works Affiliate Program

If your readers are either tired or not interested.

Then let your visitors choose from 1,200 high-quality yoga classes delivered by experienced instructors.

The other reason is that they offer a 14-day free trial, so there’s a good chance you’ll convert traffic based on that alone.

My Yoga Works also pays per lead, which makes sense for a subscription service.

Commission highlights:

Commission: $12 per lead

EPC: $15.65

Cookie duration: 30 days

Yoga affiliate Club

How It works

YogaClub affiliate program is run through LinkConnector. So simply apply to be an affiliate, and once approved you will have access to a variety of tools that can be used in your promotions.

You will receive a commission every time a sale results from someone clicking through your unique affiliate links.

How to promote your YogaClub affiliate program

Promote YogaClub on your website, blog, social media channels, or even in an email to your subscribers. You can also promote it to your friends and family by providing them with your affiliate link.

Your YogaClub Affiliate Earning

You will earn a 15% commission on every sale that you refer through your affiliate link. Payments are sent out via the LinkConnector platform.

Sign up here.

Yoga International Affiliate Program

Yoga International is a video streaming service that provides professional yoga classes led by world-class teachers. 

Yoga International has an affiliate program found within the FlexOffers network. Flexoffers manages the Yoga International affiliate program.

The Yoga International affiliate program turns customers’ homes into a yoga study by allowing them to stream high-quality yoga classes and tutorials covering all skill levels. This program offers a 30-day cookie duration.

Highlights about the commission:

Payout: $14.40 per paid subscription

Cookie duration: 30-days

Sign up with FlexOffers.com to learn more about the Yoga International affiliate program today.

Yoga Journal Affiliate Program

Yoga International converts customers’ homes into a yoga study by allowing them to stream high-quality yoga classes and tutorials encompassing all skill levels. 

  • Payout: $14.40 per paid subscription
  • Flexoffers manages the Yoga International affiliate program.
  • This program offers a 30-day cookie duration.

You will have access to all your affiliate program data in one place. One dashboard to track Transactions, revenues, clicks, and payments with Strackr.com.

Yoga International is one of the world’s largest online yoga platforms servicing 500,000 users in 150 countries. 

It features thousands of on-demand yoga and meditation classes, courses, and progressive programs.

Yoga Ideas

Almost everyone from students to executives and martial artists now practices yoga for a variety of reasons.

The most obvious sites to promote the above affiliate programs from would be any of the following:

  • Yoga blogs
  • Fitness blogs
  • Weight loss blogs
  • Spirituality blogs

Business blogs. Business executives who travel a lot and can’t attend local classes.

Motivational blogs. For people who are too shy to go to a public yoga class.

Work from home bloggers: For solopreneurs who need to fit in a workout without leaving their home.

Travel bloggers: For people who are never in one place for any real length of time.

For you affiliate marketers, you need to create content that is relevant to yoga enthusiasts in the United States and beyond.

Are you looking for affiliate programs that best serve your interests? Having done some research, I ended up with a list of 14.

Affiliate Website Ideas – Yoga

It’s time to decide what Yoga niche you want to focus on.

Since Yoga is a huge industry, it would be hard to compete if you were just using Yoga as your main keyword.

That’s why it’s better to focus on a more targeted Yoga niche like Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga features a sequence of poses done in a sauna-like room to help release toxins. 

If your yoga style of choice comes from a specific place, you could promote things like travel affiliate programs, including airline tickets.

Another niche you could focus on would be a type of person, such as a busy yoga enthusiast. A great product for them would be online Yoga classes.

Many people don’t live near a studio or don’t have time to visit multiple times per week. You could promote the world’s most-watched yoga program.

Wrapping up

Yoga will continue to increase in popularity as health and well-being are coming to the forefront of our conversations.

It is important that you, as an affiliate, would continue to curate products that are relevant to the times.

This is how you can add value to your visitors. While you do that, you need to benefit. Join the best affiliate programs.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and are interested in going into yoga programs, then consider chronicling your journey to enlightenment and wellness with videos and a blog.

You can find some inner peace by knowing you are looking after your mind, your body, and your wallet all at once.

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