How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest: A Guide For Beginners

My Tailwind for Pinterest

Are you looking for a Pinterest marketing strategy to schedule pins to post on Pinterest on autopilot? Tailwind is the solution. I’ll show you how to use Tailwind for Pinterest.

Thus you will spend less time scheduling and more time doing the things only you can do to grow your Pinterest traffic and followers.

With Tailwind, you will create beautiful Pins faster than ever, schedule at the best times, grow your reach, and measure results – all with one simple toolkit.

You can also collaborate with Pinterest community members to reach new Audiences. Tailwind communities is a tool that enables you to connect and grow with other creators just like you.

Tailwind is an awesome toolkit. 

What Is Tailwind For Pinterest?

Tailwind is a marketing toolkit that automates posts on Pinterest and Instagram and gets results faster.

This scheduling tool is designed to help content creators, bloggers, and small businesses grow their Pinterest audience.

Tailwind Chrome Browser Extension: Why You Need It

This extension helps you to:

  • Schedule content faster.

It helps you to see all the shareable images on a webpage with one click, and schedule as many of them as you wish. 

  • Post content conveniently.

You will schedule any image on the web by clicking the “Schedule” button when hovering over it.

  • Repin.

It gives you the ability to repin in bulk from Pinterest and Instagram.

  • Pin the same Pin to multiple Pinterest boards.

Allows you to Pin the same Pin to multiple Pinterest boards. You will also set an interval between the publishing of each Pin so as not to overwhelm your followers.

To use this extension, you must first create a Tailwind account at

Is Tailwind Approved By Pinterest?

Yes, It is a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner. It is a company approved to build software that helps bloggers and business owners to grow their audiences on Pinterest. So you can rest easy knowing your account is safe.

It helps users fine-tune their schedule and plan the feed of their dreams with an intuitive and easy-to-use drag and drop grid. Intelligent features that take the guesswork out of growing.

Just indicate to Tailwind how many Pins you want to schedule a day. They range from 5 to 25.  If you use the Tailwind Pro plan, you can schedule unlimited Pins.

Therefore, use this wisely to connect and grow with Tailwind Communities. Simply connect with creators, get inspired by fresh ideas, and build relationships in more than 20,000 Tailwind Communities.

How To Create a Tailwind Account 

To connect the app to your Pinterest account, first, log in to your Pinterest account and. Go to the desktop Tailwind App website and click “Sign up with Pinterest.”

After your two accounts are connected, create your Tailwind account by entering your email address and password of your choice to complete the registration process.

When your Tailwind account is set up, it’s time to explore the app. Take to learn more about how to use the features through the “question mark” icon at the top right corner of the app. Look for, then click the drop-down menu to choose.

How Does Tailwind Work?

This is how Tailwind works:

  • Designs engaging pins.

Designs engaging Pins with Tailwind Create.

  • Measures your success.

It uses in-depth analytics to show you what’s working right. This trickles down to the individual post or Pin.

  • Connects you to Tailwind communities.

This connects you with Pinners to share content in Tailwind Communities.

  • Maximizes your Reach.

The app automatically optimizes your pinning schedule based on when your audience is most engaged.

  • Discovers related content.

This toolkit discovers content that is related to your niche so you can share it.

  • Easily syncs images.

Syncs images between desktop and mobile devices for painless posting.

  • Scheduling posts

It schedules your posts with a Smart Schedule.

How To Schedule Pinterest Pins

Here are the three ways:

1. Upload pins into Tailwind directly

Step 1: Log into Tailwind.

Step 2: On the left-hand side of your Tailwind main page, choose the “Scheduled Pins” tab.

Step 3: You’ll see all of your images on the right-hand side under “Your Schedule”. Look above that. 

Step 4: Click on “Create New Pin”.

Step 5: Then click “Upload Images”. 

Step 6: Find your image. Click on it. Then click “Open”. (On a PC, you can click “Ctrl” and click on multiple images if you want to upload more than one.)

Step 7: Tailwind will automatically upload your image and save it as a draft. You should then be taken directly to this draft page. 

Step 8: While in the “Drafts” file, you can edit what should be edited. Apart from that you can edit the description and schedule your pin. 

2. Schedule pins from Pinterest

Step 1: Log into your Pinterest account.

You should have a Pinterest Business account to schedule Pins. So if you don’t have a Pinterest Business account, sure to upgrade.

Step 2: Click Create from the dropdown menu on the top left-hand side and choose to create to pin.

Step 3: Add all your Pin details.

Select the board on which this Pin will appear. If the current board is not working, create a new board.

Add the following:

  • Add a title, 
  • a description, and 
  • alt text.

This helps those using screen readers understand the image being shared.

Then share the link the Pin connects to and add an eye-catching image. Pinterest recommended image aspect ratio 2:3.

Step 4: Choose when to publish.

If you are just scheduling, then select Publish at a later date.

Step 5: Select the day and time to publish the pin.

The maximum to schedule is only within14 days.

Step 6: Hit publish.

3. Schedule pins from the website

Step 1: Look for the URL of the blog.

When you find a blog post that you’d like to schedule, make sure that you click into the blog post so you can grab the correct, and full URL.

Step 2: Find Tailwind publishing extension.

Hover over the lower left-hand corner of the image to find the Tailwind Publishing Extension.

Step 3: Schedule your post

Click the “Schedule” button to move on to the next steps of adding board(s) and description. 

When satisfied with what board(s) and the description the pin will be scheduled and published to, click “Schedule Now” or  “Add to Queue Now” to schedule. 

Step 4: Save

Click the “Save for Later” button to save these pins as Drafts to be scheduled later.  

How Many Pins Can You Schedule On Pinterest?

If you have a business account, you can schedule 100 Pins for future posting on a desktop or a mobile device. 

You can schedule Pins up to two weeks in advance in your current time zone. So when your Pins are scheduled, you can make updates. 

For example, you can decide to publish the Pin immediately or delete it. To Access your scheduled Pins, open your profile and select the Created tab.

Tailwind Features To Leverage To Succeed In Your Pinterest Marketing

  • Tailwind Analytics.

This app provides analytics about your pins so that you can repurpose your best-performing content. You can also analyze your data to establish the effectiveness of your group board strategy. 

Tailwind can provide analytics about how many times your pins are being shared from a group board.

2. Smart Scheduling.

Tailwind makes it possible for you to schedule content to keep your calendar full. It allows you to schedule pins at any time you choose. 

If you want, you can allow Tailwind to figure out the best times to pin your content. This makes it easier to get your content in front of the eyes of your ideal audience.

3. Smart Loop.

The Smart Loop is a special feature that allows you to pin content. It is special in that it recycles your best pins. So will stop scheduling your popular pins for some time.

There is another option to set up seasonal loops which have a start and stop date and will automatically loop your seasonal pins during the time frame you choose.

  1. Tailwind tribes.

A Tailwind Tribe is a group of bloggers you connect with to share each other’s pins on a common topic. It gives you another way to assess the pin performance, since Tailwind tracks tribe shares and repins for you.

If you are a tribe member, then you have content similar to the other members and so you can help your fellow tribemates by pinning similar content.

How Do You Go About Setting Up a Tribe?

You can invite people individually or you can share the link to a tribe in a Facebook group and people can choose to join. 

How Do Tailwind Tribes Work?

If someone invites you to join a tribe, you simply click on the link to join. As you begin to pin to the tribe, you’ll need to understand and follow the rules as set by the tribe owner.

These rules typically outline the number of pins you can add relative to the number of pins of other members’ content that you share.

5. Board List

Tailwind allows the creation of board lists which is a huge time saver. If you focus on different categories you can easily create board lists to group similar boards together.  

6. Board Insight & Profile Performance

You can view how your boards are fairing on Pinterest. Getting this insight gives you more information on whether you should pin more or less to certain boards or even leave an inactive Pinterest board. 

7. Bulk Scheduling

The ability to bulk schedule a ton of pins at once is one of the top-selling points of Tailwind.

The Tailwind Chrome Extension makes scheduling pins from Pinterest and any website very convenient. You can easily schedule pins with just a simple click. 

8. Best Time To Pin

Once you connect your two accounts, it will automatically optimize your pinning schedule to pin when your followers are most active.

5. You Get More Pageviews

Pinterest will pin more pins, spread out your pins, and pin your pins at the right time which means that your pins will be seen by more people and as a result, more people will be driven to your site.

Tailwind Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Strategy 1: Use Your Keywords

Pinterest keywords help your content appear in relevant searches. Pinterest looks relationship between the keywords used on the text:

  • In-text on your image,
  • In your Pin description,
  • In Pin titles,
  • In Board titles and descriptions,
  • On the website to which you’re linking

Strategy 2: Write captivating descriptions

Pin descriptions attract the attention of readers. They can also help build brand awareness and motivate Pinners to action. 

Make sure to use your brand name in the first sentence of a Pin description to increase the conversion rate to email signups.

Pinterest pin description tips:

  • Keywords in your description must come out naturally.
  • Use a call to action in your descriptions – “learn more about”, “sign up”, or  ” find out why..”
  • Use up to 500 characters and put the most important part first at the beginning.

Strategy 3: Create images that convert

You should always yearn to create stunning images that convert every week.

Make sure:

  • Your images promote your product or service.
  • Use a vertical format – 600×900 for optimal results.
  • Add a logo in the top or bottom center.

Strategy 4: First promote your content

Remember this always, content is what will drive traffic and sales to your site. Pinterest loves active contributors, so by all means, create and save your content.

Be consistent. Just remain active, which might mean just 1-5 Pins per day for you, especially when you are just starting.

Tailwind Pricing

How much does Tailwind cost? They offer different pricing plans. If you are a content creator or small business owner, then the standard Plus plan will be ideal for you.

What you get from the Tailwind Plus plan includes:

  • Unlimited pin scheduling.
  • Smart Schedule so your pins post at the best times.
  • Bulk uploads.
  • Analytics to evaluate your pins, profile, and Pinterest boards success.
  • Website insights.
  • 250 SmartLoop Pins.1 Pin to 1 Board – 1 Looped Pin.
  • One Pinterest account to which you can add 2 collaborators.

Tailwind Monthly Pricing

You charged $9.99 (£8) when billed annually or $14.99 billed monthly. 

PowerUps” are available starting at $4.99 per month for either Communities or SmartLoop. You only pay for what you need. 

Do you want to start your Tailwind Pinterest marketing and skyrocket your Pinterest traffic, then click here to sign up for your free trial and see what it can do for you?

How To Find Pinterest Keyword Research Tool

To access the Pinterest keyword research tool, go to your Business Hub and click the Ads tab at the top of the page. Then click on the “Create Ads”.

This will direct you to the Promoted Pin creation page. While on this page, select traffic as your campaign type and then click continue to get to the next page.

On the next page, scroll down until you find the Keywords window. Then start doing keyword research for your Pinterest account. 

It’s the best Pinterest keyword tool because it comes directly from Pinterest.

How To Do Pinterest Keyword Research And SEO

 Follow these steps:

  • Write your search term in the search bar.
  • Check what ideas Pinterest shows you, and the search volume.
  • Save the ideas by clicking the + button and create a list.
  • After gathering all your ideas,  copy the list and save it into a document for easier future reference.

How To Use Keywords On Pinterest

Incorporate your keywords into your Pinterest strategy. This is part of Pinterest SEO. You should use keywords in the following places in your account:

  • business name
  • Your profile
  • Board Titles
  • Board Descriptions
  • Body of the post
  • Image file names
  • Pin URL of the post
  • Pin Descriptions, and Hashtags

Benefits Of Using Tailwind

  • Tailwind lets you easily schedule  unlimited posts to multiple boards

Manually creating and pinning each pin can take you hours if you need it to go to multiple boards. With Tailwind, pins can be scheduled and even an interval to help you spread them out.

  • Help you get set up with recurring pins and interval pins

Two awesome features that are available through Tailwind are Smartloop and Interval Pinning.

When both of these are used, you can maximize your Tailwind experience and make pinning easier.

  • Tailwind allows you to pin automatically

Tailwind allows a completely hands-off pinning experience by allowing you to put your Pinterest account on autopilot.

  • It makes it easy to mass schedule your posts

The application has the ability to mass schedule your pins. You can also use the smart loop and interval features to have your blog posts regularly pin automatically.

  • The app saves you  much time on Pinterest

Manually pinning and finding pins is extremely difficult and time-consuming. 

Tailwind saves your time by making bulk pinning easier and allows you to schedule pins so you can be putting out fresh content often.

  • Spread out your pins

Pinning with Tailwind means your pins will spread out throughout the week, which means your pins are more likely to be seen by more people.

How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest Summary

Tailwind is the best and complete marketing toolkit for bloggers and small businesses. It is a free Pinterest scheduler software.

This Pinterest scheduler has all the features you need to drive traffic, leads, and sales from Pinterest. 

You will only invest a little time and a small amount of money to unlock all the features. Pins are posted automatically. Use Tailwind to schedule pins onto your boards. 

Used well you can schedule far more pins using Tailwind that you can’t post if you were just pinning manually.

So with Tailwind, you won’t have to find time daily to post Pins. Just sit down once a week and let Tailwind post for you at the best times daily!

Tailwind has analytics that shows at a glance the content spinners are interested in. So this helps you know what content is doing fine and improve the content that isn’t.

The maximum pin frequency should be about 25 pins per day. Anything more than this would be overkill unless your brand has a ton of content and Pinterest-ready images at hand.

To sign up for a free TailWind trial. You can schedule 100 Pins! Cost after trial: $9.99 per month, paid annually, or $15 paid monthly.

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