How To Use Tailwind – A Step-By-Step Guide For Bloggers

My Tailwind for Pinterest

Do you want to do Pinterest marketing everyday without spending much time on the activity? You need Tailwind for Pinterest.

Tailwind is the app that is most efficient to drive traffic to your blog or online store and maximize your income when you monetize it.

Learning how to use Tailwind is extremely crucial. It will help you to set up Pins to be pinned in a week. Nevertheless, you must understand how to get the most from Tailwind.

To help you do just that, I have created this easy to follow, step-by-step Tailwind tutorial for bloggers – to help you get started with Tailwind and get the most out of it! This Tailwind tutorial is the ultimate guide to growing your Pinterest traffic.

Tailwind is a tool that can help you grow your blog traffic and save you a lot of time… but only if you use it right!

Here’s my step-by-step guide to using Tailwind the right way. You’ll learn everything you need to maximize success with minimal time and expense.

Let’s get started!

What is Tailwind For Pinterest?

Tailwind is the best and complete Pinterest marketing toolkit for bloggers and small businesses. It is a software used to schedule Pinterest posts. This Pinterest scheduler has all the features you need to drive traffic, leads and sales from Pinterest. 

You will only invest a little time and a small amount of money. Do you want to post your pins at the right time? Tailwind makes posting pins easier. They are posted automatically. Use Tailwind to schedule pins onto your Pinterest boards. 

Used well you can schedule far more pins using Tailwind that you can’t post if you were just pinning manually.

So with Tailwind, you won’t have to find time daily to post Pins. Just sit down once a week and let Tailwind post for you at the best times on a daily basis!

Tailwind has analytics which show at a glance the content spinners are interested in. So this helps you know what content is doing fine and improve the content that isn’t.

Incredible Features Of Tailwind App For Pinterest

1. Bulk Scheduling

The ability to bulk schedule a ton of pins at once is one of the top selling points of Tailwind. The Tailwind Chrome Extension makes scheduling pins from Pinterest and any website very convenient. You can easily schedule pins with just a simple click. 

2. Best Time To Pin

Once you connect your Pinterest account to Tailwind, then it will automatically optimize your pinning schedule so that you pin when your followers are most active.

3. Board Insight & Profile Performance

You can view how your boards are fairing on Pinterest. Getting this insight gives you more information on whether you should pin more or less to certain boards or even leave an inactive Pinterest board. 

4. Board List

Tailwind Allows to create board lists which is a huge time saver.  If you focus on different categories you can easily create board lists to group similar boards together.  

5. Unlimited Pinning

When you sign up for the annual Plus plan at $10/month, you can schedule an unlimited number of pins with Tailwind. For example, Board Booster charges $10 for up to 1,000 pins per month.

Why Use Tailwind?

There are a host of reasons why scheduling using Tailwind is better than just pinning onto your boards manually.

1. It Saves Time

Pinning using Tailwind is faster than pinning manually. It also allows you to schedule your pins in batches. For example, you can pin all your pins for the week within a short time in one sitting.

2. You Can Pin More Pins

Since pinning using Tailwind is automatic, you can pin many more pins to many more boards which will increase the visibility of your pins.

3. Spread Out Your Pinning

Pinning with Tailwind means your pins will spread out throughout the week, which means your pins are more likely to be seen by more people.

4. Optimised Schedule

Tailwind takes the guesswork out of ‘when’ to pin. Tailwind uses Pinterest data to determine when are the most effective times to pin and pins your pins then – even if that time is when you are fast asleep in bed!

5. You Get More Pageviews

Pinterest will pin more pins, spread out your pins and pin your pins at the right time which means that your pins are going to be seen by more people and as a result clicked on by more people. Tailwind will help you grow your Pinterest traffic and pageviews.

How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest 

Here is how bloggers can use Tailwind for Pinterest:

Step 1: Sign Up For Tailwind

First sign up for a Tailwind account. The good thing about Tailwind is that you can get a free trial when you first start out. So you can try all the things out. 

Go to and sign up for an account using your Pinterest account. You will then be prompted to enter your email address and a password to login in the future.

Step 2: Set Up Your Smart Schedule

Create your pinning schedule which  Tailwind refers to as ‘smart schedule’. Essentially, you tell Tailwind how often you’d like to pin and Tailwind will use all the data it has to create a personalised timetable that will give your pins the greatest chance of success.

To create your smart schedule, go to Publisher >Your Schedule in the left-hand menu and you will see a screen which looks a bit like this. Next to the General Queue is the Recreate Schedule and you should see a pop up.

Then choose the number of times you would like to pin and hit the recreate schedule. Tailwind will now create your smart schedule – the slots when Tailwind will pin on your behalf.

If you are just starting out with Tailwind, I suggest you start with a small amount of pins per day, so you can get to know how it works without feeling overwhelmed.

I suggest 5-10 pins per day to start with. Then come back to this screen and recreate your schedule based on an increased number of pins.

Step 3: Install The Browser Extension

The next step is to install the Tailwind browser extension. It’s necessary to make pinning so much quicker and easier!

To install the Tailwind browser extension on Chrome, go to the Tailwind Chrome Extension and, at the top of the page, click.

When you install the Tailwind extension, whenever you hover over any image, it will show a Tailwind schedule button. There’s also a browser extension for Safari and Firefox. 

Step 4: Save Your Pins To Your Tailwind Drafts

Schedule some pins! There are a number of ways you can use this.  But the easiest and most efficient way is to use the browser extension to add pins to your Tailwind drafts once a week.

To do this, first go to where your pinnable image is in your blog post, hover over the image you want to pin and click on the Tailwind button that will appear in the bottom left hand corner.

Step 5: Schedule Your Pins From Tailwind Drafts

Log into Tailwind and select Publisher > Drafts. Go to your first pin and check that the title and description are good – they should include plenty of keywords and the description should include some hashtags too.

Click where it says type a board name and a dropdown list of all your boards should pop up automatically.

Finally click on Add To Queue at the bottom of the pin and your pin will be automatically added to your Tailwind queue in the next available slots.

Step 6: Shuffle Your Pins

Your Pins should not go out in the order you have pinned them. This is not ideal. It’s much more effective to be pinning a variety of different pins every day.

Simply click on Shuffle Queue immediately above your queue and then Yes Shuffle My Queue on the ‘Are you sure?’ popup. 

All your pins will be shuffled and so now each day you will be pinning a variety of pins to a variety of different boards and all at the best possible times throughout the day.

I hope you can already see how much better and faster this is than manual pinning. Even if this is all you do with Tailwind, you are likely to get much better results than before. But there is so much more you can do with Tailwind.

Step 7: Pin Other People’s Pins

Ensure that you are also pinning other people’s pins to your boards.  If we as bloggers all share each other’s pins, we will all help each other to grow.

You can schedule other people’s pins in exactly the same way as you have scheduled your own pins by going to their blog post and finding the pinnable image, then scheduling via your drafts.

Step 8: Schedule Directly From Pinterest

To do this, log into your Pinterest account and go to the relevant board. You will see that on every pin there is a Tailwind button. Simply click on that button to add your pin to drafts, then schedule from drafts in the usual way.

Step 9: Schedule Multiple Pins

You can select multiple pins from the same board which will save you more time. To do this, log into your Pinterest account and go to the relevant board.

Look at the top right-hand corner of your browser and you will see a small Tailwind symbol. Click on that symbol and a new screen will appear with the pins. Then click on the pins you want to schedule.

How To Use Tailwind To Grow Your Pageviews

Here’s a quick plan that will help you use Tailwind to grow your pageviews. First, choose a day and make each week your ‘Tailwind time’. But you must be consistent to succeed when it comes to using Pinterest.

At this particular time, open up 10 of your blog posts and use the Tailwind browser extension to add the pinnable images to your Tailwind drafts.

Next, go into Pinterest and select 10 pins from group boards or your feed and add them to your Tailwind drafts using the Tailwind browser extension.

After you have added the boards to a pin, hit Go Schedule. After you have added all 21 pins to all the relevant boards hit Shuffle Queue so that all these pins are now shuffled.

How do you use the Tailwind Extension to schedule Pins to Pinterest?

Pin more often and more quickly! See how to use Tailwind’s Publishing extension to schedule and publish content to Pinterest.

With the Tailwind Extension you can:

Pin more Often: Find and Pin multiple images from any website via the toolbar button. 

Pin more Quickly: Easily schedule any image by clicking the “Schedule” button when hovering over large images. 

Repin in Bulk: Quickly schedule one or more pins directly from!

This is how you can schedule Pins with the Tailwind extension from Pinterest, a blog, and an online store! Each example is shown in a different browser, but you can repeat any of these in any of the supported browsers.

Schedule from Pinterest

With Tailwind’s Publishing Browser Bookmarklet it is easy to quickly select and schedule many pins at the same time.

You can use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to schedule and publish content to Pinterest. But Tailwind does not support Internet Explorer, Opera or Edge browsers. 

Once you’ve found some pins on Pinterest to schedule, click the Tailwind Browser Bookmarklet In Chrome, it is located in the top right corner.

Click To Select The Pins To Be Scheduled.

The bottom of the page will display a thumbnail of the selected pins, and click the “Go Schedule” button to move on to the next steps of adding board(s) and description. 

 Assign boards and edit any Pin descriptions to your selected Pins. Once you are happy with how your Pins look, click the “Schedule All” button to schedule all the pins shown at once or “Add to Queue Now” on individual pins to schedule one at a time. Click the “Save for Later” button to save these pins as Drafts to be scheduled later. 

Schedule from a Blog

You can schedule content from a blog or just about any other website! It could be your own blog, or even a fellow pinner’s blog. When you find a blog post that you’d like to schedule, make sure that you click into the blog post so you can grab the correct, and full URL, and not just the blog’s homepage. 

Hover over the lower left hand corner of the image to find the Tailwind Publishing Extension. Click the “Schedule” button to move on to the next steps of adding board(s) and description. 

When satisfied with what board(s) and the description the pin will be scheduled and published to, click “Schedule Now” or  “Add to Queue Now” to schedule. Click the “Save for Later” button to save these pins as Drafts to be scheduled later.  

Schedule from an Online Store

If you own an online store Ebay, you already know the powerful and free sharing tool that Pinterest has to offer. This example is shown in the Mozilla Firefox Browser, but remember you can repeat this in any supported browser. 

When you find the perfect product that you’d like to schedule, make sure that you click into the product description page so we can grab the correct and full URL and not just the store’s homepage. 

A new pop-up window will open and the Tailwind Publishing Extension will be just to the right of the Search Boards box. Click the “Schedule” button to move on to the next steps of adding board(s) and description. 

If satisfied with what board(s) and the description, the pin will be scheduled and published as click Schedule Now or Add to Queue Now to schedule. Click the “Save for Later” button to save these pins as Drafts to be scheduled later.  

What Is a Tailwind Tribe?

A Tailwind tribe is a group of bloggers you connect with to share each other’s pins on a common topic. It gives you another way to assess the pin performance, since Tailwind tracks tribe shares and repins for you.

How do you go about setting up a tribe?

You can invite people individually or you can share the link to a tribe in a Facebook group and people can choose to join. 

How Do Tailwind Tribes Work?

If someone invites you to join a tribe, you simply click on the link to join. As you begin to pin to the tribe, you’ll need to understand and follow the rules as set by the tribe owner.

These rules typically outline the number of your own pins you can add relative to the number of pins of other members’ content that you share.

What Is Tailwind Smartloop?

SmartLoop is Tailwind’s content product that makes it easy to reshare your best Pins from Pinterest at the best times for maximum engagement.

What Does Looping Pins Mean?

The pins are shared to each board at an interval you’ve selected either as an evergreen loop – all year-round or as seasonal loops -Christmas, Valentine.

Once Tailwind SmartLoop has gone through one loop or posting to your selected boards, the recycle repeats again. 

What Are The Main Features Of Tailwind Smartloop?

Tailwind SmartLoop allows you to:

  • Check analytics details on how each SmartLoop is performing so you can make modifications.
  • See everything from both the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler and Tailwind SmartLoop in an easy to understand calendar grid format.
  • Discover best performing content from each board so you can easily add them to SmartLoop right from inside the Tailwind dashboard.

Tailwind for Pinterest wrap up!

Tailwind is the complete Pinterest marketing toolkit for bloggers and small businesses. This Pinterest scheduler has everything you need to drive traffic, leads, and sales from Pinterest – with a minimal investment of time and money. Sure, you could “Pin” your content to Pinterest manually – when you have the time.

The maximum pin frequency should be about 25 pins per day. Anything more than this would be overkill unless your brand has a ton of content and Pinterest-ready images at hand.

To sign up for a free TailWind trial. You can schedule 100 Pins! Cost after trial: $9.99 per month, paid annually, or $15 paid monthly

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