22 Great Small Business Ideas to Start In Zambia

Looking for great business ideas in Zambia? These ideas will help you start and grow a successful business in Zambia. But most of the best small business ideas for 2021 involve an online business model.

Choose a business idea that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Before starting a business, determine if there is a demand for what you want to provide.

This article is for anyone looking for ideas to start a business in Zambia both men and women who wish to set up businesses.

You know you want to start a business, but you have no idea. If you want to become an entrepreneur, start with a great business idea. Everything starts from an idea and has room to grow over time.

While starting a retail business or restaurant might have been good idea in the past, you might be best served to reconsider those thoughts until you see how the next year turns out and turn the ideas into a business in Zambia. Instead of some more traditional businesses, think about those that can support how people are now living their lives.

This list of business ideas in Zambia includes 21 great types of businesses to help you find success in 2021 and beyond. So if you’re ready to run your own business, consider any of these great business ideas.

1. Start Consultant Business

If you are knowledgeable and passionate about a specific topic, starting a consultant business can be the best option. You can start your consulting business on your own, then grow your business and hire other consultants later.

2. Start An Online Tutoring Business

The demand for online education is increasing. Since this is an online business idea, you can choose any subject you are knowledgeable about and teach a course regardless of your location.

If you don’t have advanced knowledge in any particular subject, you can always consider teaching English as a foreign language online to students overseas.

3. Start An App Development Business

If you are knowledgeable and experienced in technology, you may want to consider a career in app development. Smartphones have become an everyday accessory for many Americans, which has increased the demand for mobile apps. Similarly, virtual reality software has become popular in recent years, so there is also a demand for VR app development. 

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4. Start A Cleaning Service Business

With a few staff members, some cleaning supplies, and transportation, you can offer cleaning services to homeowners, apartment complexes, and commercial properties. Most cleaning services charge between $25 and $50 per hour. You simply need planning, dedication, and marketing to get your business noticed.

5. Set Up Freelance Copywriting Business

Most freelance copywriters charge $40 to $50 per hour, but those with expertise in a given vertical could charge even more. Freelance copywriting is a great business to run because as long as you have an internet connection, you can work. 

It’s a business that you can operate from the comfort of your own home, or even from the road if you travel. If you establish a large enough network and gain referrals from satisfied clients, you could even make freelance writing your full-time job.

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6. Offer Translation Services In Zambia As A Business

More than ever before, document translation and the translation of website information into languages for use in other markets are on the increase. So if you know multiple languages, carving out a niche in the translation services industry could be a successful endeavor.

7. Resume Writer

Creating a resume, cover letter, and portfolio for a new job is challenging and time-consuming for some people. This is the main reason why many people hire help. Prepare tailored resumes for your clients, beautifully edited cover letters, and well-crafted portfolios that make it impossible for employers to ignore.

8. Start A Food Truck Business

Take your favorite style of food on the road and sell it directly to hungry customers. Sure, you’ll be working and you will make money. Food trucks might sound like a wild idea, but the industry is growing. It has the potential to generate income for you.

9. Set Up A Lawn Care Service Business

Lawn care services require some basic equipment, a trailer, and staff. The number of staff largely depends on how many clients you have and how big the jobs are.

You can quickly grow a small lawn care service into a full landscaping company by offering premium services and establishing a reputation as a brand that does a thorough job with a smile. 

10. Start A Carpentry Business

If you are passionate about crafting beautiful home goods out of wood, that can be a small business for you. Show your prospective buyers what you are capable of doing. Once you have a following, it will be easier for you to sell your products.

11. Set Up An Online Dating Consultant Business

Dating consultants help people create successful online dating profiles, and find possible matches from outside the typical online channels. Can you help people in this area? If you can, then this might be the business for you.

12. Bicycle Repair

Find space where you can operate from. Some people work on their own bicycles, but many of them don’t, so you can make money by repairing bicycles for those who can’t repair their own. 

13. Rideshare driver

Rideshare applications such as Uber and Lyft have enabled people to start side hustles that pay well and require little more than a willingness to drive people to their destinations and make occasional friendly conversation. Ridesharing might be a great way for you to dip your toes into the world of entrepreneurship.

14. Real estate agent

For some people finding a house to buy is a challenge. So as a real estate agent, you can help people find the home of their choice at affordable prices within their budget. Set up a firm to link buyers and sellers of houses.

15. Event Planning

Start keeping data that will allow you to sort venues by varying features, such as the number of people each site holds, AV equipment available on site, and chairs available. So that when you begin to plan an event with a client, you can find out what the key parameters are for the event and easily pull up the three or four sites that meet the basic criteria. 

16. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you can use your skills to manage social media accounts for companies and even individual people. Influencer marketing has become more common and many influencers bank on marketing agencies or employees to help them run their social channels.

17. Data Entry Clerk

Many businesses seek data entry clerks to help them enter information into their computer systems and spreadsheets. If you have strong computer and typing skills, this might be the best business for you.

18. Electronics Repair

If you know how to repair electronic equipment like computers and others, find a room to operate from. Tell customers to bring their equipment to you, as you would have difficulty recovering the cost of driving around picking up broken equipment and returning it. You may also want to encourage people to give you their old electronics so you can use them for parts.

19. Audio or Video Editor

Brands are turning to audio and visual content to connect with consumers. Audio and video editors are in demand when it comes to producing quality content for hungry audiences.

20. Graphic Designer

Almost everyone in the business industry needs eye-catching promotional materials. So if you’ve got an artistic streak and know how to organize content into a visually pleasing format, you can start a graphic design business to provide flyers, digital ads, posters, and other engaging visual materials. 

21. Career Coach

Life/ career coaches don’t come cheap, but they are able to offer clients the help and hands-on training, and advice they need to make serious moves in their personal and professional lives. After all, all people need some uplifting advice from time to time.

22. T-shirt Printing Business

If you have enough space for a T-shirt printing setup, you can easily get the necessary tools and start your small business.

Steps To Starting a Small Business at Home

1. Come up with a business idea

Take your time to conduct research to find out whether this is really the right fit for your experience, passion, and target audience.

2. Start as a hobby

This is critical as it allows you to make some mistakes, test the market, and understand whether your idea is worth pursuing or not. 

3. Choose your software

Start using a free all-in-one CRM platform to keep track of important customer information in one central database. It will help align your team and make sure you stay organized as your business grows.

4. Write a business plan

Your business plan should have the following elements:

  • Executive summary. Writing a winning executive summary. A high-level overview of your company and market placement.
  • Business model. State what your business will do, who it will serve, and how it will be structured. Write a description of what products and services you will offer.
  • Market condition. Talk about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
  • Products and services: Describe your products and services in detail and what sets your products apart from others.
  • Operations and management. Write your business organization structure, key roles as well as responsibilities.
  • Marketing and sales strategy. Explain how you will market and sell your product as well as prospective buyers.
  • Financial plan. Indicate your start-up costs.
  • Appendix. Write an appendix summarizing your business plan.

Business plans should be short and actionable. 

5. Choose whether your company will be an LLC or sole proprietorship

Two common legal structures for small businesses are limited liability corporations (LLCs) and sole proprietorships.

6. Open a business bank account

Having a business bank account is essential for keeping your personal and business finances separate which can help you gain an accurate picture of your business’s cash flow and financial health.

7. Determine if your business idea works well from home

Ask yourself whether your business idea will work well from home. Some businesses simply aren’t suited to be based from home. If you want to run a dog boarding center but live in an apartment without a backyard, you might want to consider a dog walking business instead.

8. Set up an office

If your business idea is well-suited for being run from home, it’s still important you have a designated workspace. While a home office might not be possible, consider setting aside a corner in your living room or putting a desk in your bedroom for a space that inspires you and creates the conditions for success.

9. Then start working

Working on projects that you’re passionate about will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Hope you like the business ideas that can employ in Zambia.

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