88 Questions To Engage Your Facebook Group

Questions to engage your facebook group

Are you wondering how to questions to engage your Facebook group? Well, Facebook Group questions are crucial.

After working hard, you have finally approved people into your Facebook group. However, you realize they don’t know each other yet. 

So you post articles that ask them questions that help your Facebook group to engage so that they get to know each other.

I have prepared 88 questions you can ask to engage your Facebook group. You can ask any Facebook Group as these questions know no niche. 

Ask your Facebook group so as to encourage them to engage. Thus, once they interact, they might create their own posts and support each other.

Questions To Engage Your Facebook Group

1 What is creativity?

2  Why are some people creative and others are not?

3. Did I start asking the good questions too late?

4. Am I learning from my mistakes?

5. Why is letting go is hard?

6. Do I forgive people?

7. Why can we never forgive some people even though we know that by thinking about how they hurt us we will only harm ourselves? 

8. Should I forgive people? 

9. What matters in life?

10. Why do I let my emotions puppeteer me when I know that I should act more logically?

11. Why do I stay stuck in a situation when I should step out of it and observe it from a distance?

12. Do I love prestige?

13. Would I commit a crime if the judiciary wasn’t a scene?

14. What is a good routine?

15. Is it a good expectation to always have a smooth and perfect routine? 

16. Can I be more productive by being restless about productivity?

17. Why am I unsatisfied with my day even though I know that I could only do so much?

18. How to set the right expectations from a workday?  

19. Are schedules for weak people?

20. Are we all doing our best now? 

21. Do I make excuses?

22. Is everything fine until I compare my life to others?

23. Is it okay if I compare my life to someone else’s? 

24. Why do the people who show off more than they do or live a self-oriented life shine more than the ones who are working with their heads down and bringing a real difference to people’s lives?

25. Should we care about society?

26. How would we be if we didn’t have any goals?

27. How can I stop judging people? 

28. Why do people always think that they are all right?

29. Should we pretend to know even when we don’t?

30. Am I happy?

31. What helps me go through each day of my life?

32. What is my driving force?

33. Am I honest with myself?

34. Would I be doing the same thing I am doing now if money was not a thing?

35. Do all beautiful things come with thorns?  

36. How would it be if money didn’t lead to prestige but only served its primitive purpose?  

37. Humans can adapt to almost any change. Then why do we fret and cry when we see even the tiniest part of our day or life move in an unexpected direction?

38. Is working less really such an amazing thing as people say it is?

39. Now we put ourselves before anyone else. But what if we were made to do it the other way round?

40. Do the problems of a human evolve or do we keep thinking about the same things?

41. Is having problems bad?

42. Am I learning every day?

43. How would you know what is useful and what is not until you try?

44. If I had to choose between only telling lies all my life or had to only speak the truth for the rest of my life, what would I choose?

45. Does anger help me put across my point of view or the course of action to be taken by the other person or show the earnestness of the issue at hand clearly?

46. Am I getting affected by people and are my decisions influenced by them?

47. Who are my friends?

48. Who should we consider family?

49. Am I easy on myself?

50. How can I quantify effort?

51. Do I like my life?

52. What will happen after I go?

53. What is the one thing you would pass on if we all disappeared tomorrow?

54. If staying quiet makes things easier, should we not say anything in a personal or general situation even when we strongly disagree?

55. Does life seem to give everything I wish for?

56. How meaningful is my work?

57. What can I do that I’m currently not doing? 

58. How can I get better at what I do? 

59. What’s my #1 priority right now?

60. How can I achieve my #1 priority faster? 

61. What tasks should I stop doing?

62. What tasks am I procrastinating on? 

63. What questions am I not asking myself? 

64. How can I help one person today?

65. What are the things I worship?

66. Am I doing the things I love? 

67. Am I getting healthier? 

68. Are my childhood dreams still my dreams?

69. Am I building the foundation I need to become the person I want to be?

70. What are my bad habits?

71. How can I replace them with good?

72. Where am I good at?

73. How can I cultivate it?

74. What am I doing with my money?

75. Do I really need all the stuff I own?

76. Am I turning my ideas into reality?

77. What are the things I deeply value?

78. Where do I spend most of my time?

79. What personal achievements are you most proud of?

80. If you have one week left to live, what would you do?

81. What opportunities are you looking for now?

82. How can you create these opportunities?

83. What are your biggest goals and dreams?

84. Is there anything stopping you from pursuing them? Why? 

85. How can you address these factors?

86. If you were to do something for free for the rest of your life, what would you want to do?

87. What is the meaning of life?

88. Do I have the right people around me?

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Asking your Facebook group questions to help them engage is extremely important. So when members join your Facebook group, ask them questions to help them interact with the other group members.

These Facebook Group questions will show you whether you have the right people in the group or not. So always remember to ask your Facebook group questions to enable them to engage with one another.

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