How To Structure a Blog Article To Make It Appealing To Your Readers

elements of a successful blog post

Just like a human body, a blog post has different parts which make up a complete and successful blog post. So this article structure of a blog post shouldn’t be ignored when writing. So learning how to structure a blog article is crucial.

In this article, you will learn the 13 essential elements of a successful blog post. But to understand this topic better, it is important to define the word blog.

What Is a blog?

A blog is a website that is updated regularly.

Articles are written on a blog oftentimes. These articles are called blog posts and are displayed starting with the latest ones first. Anyone can start a blog. Thus a blog is owned by an individual or a company. A blog that is owned by an individual is called a personal blog.

Hence to succeed in blogging, you need to choose the right niche for your blog. A blog niche that you can monetize in the future. So after setting up your blog, start writing great blog posts that will solve the challenges your readers are facing. 

How To Structure a Blog Article

To attract the attention of readers, your blog post article must be well structured. So what are essential elements should it have? What makes a good blog article structure? Don’t write blog posts anyhow.

Because there’s a blog writing format you need to follow. I mean a blog post has different parts and each part must be unique. This is an example of a blog post. These are the components of a blog article: 

  • Tempting title
  • Crystal clear subheadings
  • Relevant internal links
  • External links
  • Affiliate links
  • Solutions in paragraphs
  • Stunning Images/Infographics
  • Calls to action.
  • Video
  • Keyword
  • Professional tips
  • Audio
  • Conclusion

These parts make up a successful blog post.

1. A Tempting Title

The success of a blog post begins with a title. So a title is an essential element of a successful blog. It should be used to warmly welcome readers to a blog. Therefore, it shouldn’t only be welcoming but also promising and assuring readers of greater things in the article.

So it should be well crafted so that readers don’t ignore the content it is referring to and read the content with a view of benefiting. For this reason, a title can be likened to a doorway that’s attractive.

An attractive doorway will guarantee safety and a picture of what is inside the building. In the same way, a captivating title shows readers what they expect to find in the article.

Thus your great content will not be read if you craft a poor title. Your title should be crafted in such a way that it shows what the content is all about. Your title is an essential element of a successful blog post.

2. Subheadings

Subheadings are also an essential element of a successful blog post. Because they play an important role in breaking down concepts into elements that can be understood easily.

The essence of having a subheading is to break down concepts for easier understanding. So assign subheadings to your article to help your readers understand how the information is flowing in your blog post.

But make sure your subheadings are relevant to the topic. Because if you don’t stick to the promise you gave your readers in the title, you will drive away readers. Therefore, always make sure that your subheadings stick to what you promised them in the title of your article.

3. Internal Links

What are internal links? Well, internal links are links that connect related pages on the same WordPress website. This is extremely important for SEO. Because it shows Google and other search engines that you know what you are doing and that the articles on your blog are relevant and related.

Therefore, the number of internal links pointing to an article shows how important that particular article is and this helps search engines rank your content.

So always link related blog posts on your blog to optimize them for SEO. It is one of the SEO best practices that a blogger shouldn’t forget. Google doesn’t rank orphan content on blogs. Content that is not linked to other blog posts on the same site is called orphan content.

More links should point to your cornerstone content. Your content that is ranking in search engines. So it is clear that an internal link is really an essential element of a successful blog post.

4. External Links

What are external links? These are links that connect a page on one blog to a page on another blog. This is the greatest SEO practice that should not be ignored by all bloggers who wish to appear in Google search results.

Why is an internal link deemed to be an essential element of a successful blog post?  They act as a vote telling search engines that the content is relevant and is worth being ranked. Therefore, it is important that you build backlinks to prove their relevance in the eyes of search engines.

So how can you get backlinks for your blog posts? There are several ways of creating backlinks. But the most efficient one is guest blogging. Find a blog in the same niche as yours. Request to write a blog post on the and links back to you.

5. Affiliate Links

An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate’s ID or username. In affiliate programs, advertisers use affiliate links to record the traffic that is sent to the advertiser’s website by marketers. When you monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, you will be given a special link called an affiliate link. This is a link a merchant uses to identify product sales attributed to you.

So when you sign for an affiliate program, the merchant will give you this link which you will be using to refer readers to the merchant’s WordPress website for purchases. When the readers make a purchase, the merchant finds out the marketer who referred the buyer to the website.

If a purchase is made successfully, the merchant pays the marketer a commission. Have you started making money with marketing? Your website can only be considered complete if you are using affiliate links.

Because it is one of the essentials of a blog article structure that makes money. So affiliate links are used by people who have monetized their blogs. Monetization is what makes sense in blogging. This is the main reason why most people blog.

6. Solutions In Paragraphs

Solutions are essential elements of a blog post that you should always pay particular attention to when creating content on your blog. A blog post is deemed to be successful if it offers solutions to problems. Where should these solutions be written? A successful blog post should offer solutions inside its paragraphs.

Thus to keep your readers glued to the blog content, start by identifying the problem of your readers in the introduction. After identifying the problem, give your readers an assurance that you have a solution to their problem in the blog post you have written. This will make them continue reading the article.

Then in the main body, your paragraphs should address the problem adequately. Provide the solution your readers have been anticipating since they started reading the article. Write these detailed solutions with simplicity. Use simple language ordinary people will easily understand.

7. Stunning Images

Images convey messages easily and faster. So they are essential elements of a successful blog post that shouldn’t be done away with. A picture communicates a million words. Hence a well a chosen picture can help you explain concepts perceived to be difficult with simplicity.

Images are not only used to explain difficult concepts but also to attract readers to your content. Thus apart from using tempting titles as bait to attract readers, you also need to make use of stunning images to attract the attention of your readers.

People love attractive pictures. It’s just human nature. To capitalize on this natural trend to attract readers to your blog posts. Where can you find stunning free stock photos for your blog? Check out these sites, they offer free stock photos:

8. Call To Action

A call to action tells readers what course of action they should take. What is it that you want them to do? This should be explained clearly in the call to action which is a constituent of the essential elements of a successful blog article.

Calls to action are important because they guide your readers on what you want them to do. These calls to action can take different forms. The best and most efficient one is a subscription form. Use sweet language to compel your readers to subscribe. Since there’s stiff competition, you need bait to realize this.

Give your readers something in exchange for their name and email address. When they get the item, they will subscribe to your email list. Using lead magnets is a great way to convince people to subscribe to your email list effortlessly.

9. Video

There are some concepts that can only be explained with the aid of a video. If you find yourself in such a situation, take advantage of the situation. Create a video that will clearly explain the concept in a simpler way. The video should touch all aspects thoroughly through the length will be determined by the concept you are trying to explain. It should be long enough to solve a problem.

Or demonstrate something clearly in the case of a guide. Poor video quality will defeat the whole purpose of explaining a concept with a video. So see to it that you are using good quality software to yield positive results. There are a number of free screen recording software that is affordable. Try to check out the following screen recording software:

10. Keywords

Keywords are essential are part of a blog article structure. A keyword is a term used to refer to what people are searching for on the internet. In simple terms, it is a phrase that you want to rank for in search engine results.

This is the most important ingredient of a successful blog post. So keyword research must be done carefully. Take your time to find out some of the things people are searching for on the internet. It’s important that you target keywords with less competition.

These keywords with less competition are called long-tail keywords. They will enable you to rank in search engines faster. Don’t write a blog post without a keyword. Your content won’t rank. Check out these tools to help you with SEO:

11.Professional Tips

Share your experience with others. Your personal experience will serve as a solution to other people’s problems. So if an opportunity to share your experience with others arises, do so. This can be written at the end of a blog post. Just indicate professional tip or pro tip.

12. Audio

Written words alone can’t explain all the concepts properly. Others need a voice to be heard clearly. So where possible, share your recorded voice. Check out this voice recording software.

13. Conclusion

Why is a conclusion important? A conclusion is an extremely important part of a blog post. It tells people what to do and how to do something in brief.  A summary is usually written at the end of an article. It shouldn’t be written in more than four paragraphs. As it summarises the points of an article.

When writing a summary, just concentrate on writing the most important points in the order you have written them in the paragraphs. There must be an order of flow of information in the conclusion. Orderliness will help you understand the points clearly.

Summary: How To Structure a Blog Article

For a blog post to be deemed great, it must have the essential elements. These are essential elements of a successful blog article. Blogs that are already making money have the above-mentioned essential elements.

To incorporate the following essential elements in your article: a tempting and catchy title, subheadings, internal links, external links, affiliate links, call to action, video. See to it that the elements are included in your blog post.

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