Blog To Do List For Successful Bloggers

Blogging to do list schedule

Do you have a blog to do list? It’s important to have an action plan of activities to be undertaken daily, weekly, and monthly.

Because there are a host of tasks a blogger needs to do daily if we are to stay on top of our blogging goals. But this does not mean that you need to do everything in a single day.

In this blogging schedule today, I break it down into daily, weekly, and monthly blogging tasks for the serious business-minded blogger.

Let’s get started!

Daily Blog To Do List

To succeed, you need to have a plan. If you think you can do them randomly, then you are headed for failure.

So what should you prioritize on your to do list? Well, there are several things.

Prioritize the following……….

1. Work On Goals

Have you set out goals for yourself? Are you working on a particular project? Projects vary from one field to another.

For bloggers, writing an ebook is a project.

So to succeed, dedicate some hours to writing. Writing a book requires a lot of research. There are also some learning curves involved in publishing a book. Learn those things within the set time frame.

2. Write Blog Posts

Writing blog posts is one of the ingredients of successful blogging. So ensure that you find time to write blog posts. You should practice writing every day. Try to write at least 500 words every day.

You can spend at least one hour every day on this. But this one hour doesn’t include research and other things involved in writing blog posts.

3. Promote Blog On Social Media

To grow your social profile and increase reader engagement, you should spend time on social media sites every day.

It’s not a good practice to publish a blog post on your blog and then share that on social media sites and forget about the platform for the rest of the week.

So set a time block in your daily routine for this. Whichever social media sites you use for your blog marketing, you should participate in them every day.

4. Sharing Other People’s Content

You need to share some valuable content from other people to my social accounts every day. Not only will your followers love this, but the content publishers also.

So you will create a great rapport with other content publishers that will go a long way in growing your blog. This rapport will help you find sites for guest posting easily. The links you acquire will improve your SEO.

5. Work On Weekly, Monthly And Yearly Tasks

There are blogging tasks that you need to do every week, monthly basis, and some other tasks that you need to work on just once a year.

So for all those tasks, set a time block in your daily blog routine. Some of these tasks include scheduling posts on social media.

Weekly Blog To Do List 

Set out weekly blogging goals that should be done within a week. These should be tasks that require more concentration. Allocate 5 hours to such tasks.

Every week, yearn to provide value to your audience in the form of an email, a blog post, or a freebie. Apart from that, do a task that will make you money.

1. Write Weekly Blog Posts 

Try to write weekly blog posts. If you do not have time to write an article, I would definitely recommend you update at least one article a week. 

This will allow Google to keep crawling your site.

Try to write very comprehensive blog posts as they perform well on Google and readers tend to love them.  

2. Build Backlinks For SEO

There are plenty of great ways to get easy backlinks for SEO. Make it part of your blogging routine. 

If you are trying to grow your page views organically, you definitely need to focus on backlinks. The SEO traffic you will get from building backlinks is consistent and passive.

Backlinks are extremely important for SEO and they can help you grow quickly. 

3. Backup Your Blog

To back up a WordPress site for free, you will first need to install the Updraft Plus plugin. If you are not already backing up your WordPress website, be sure to do so at least weekly and even monthly. 

It’s a great idea to get into the habit of backing up your website regularly. 

4. Track Your Goals

At the beginning of each month, set a series of goals aimed at improving both your blog and your social media platforms.

But you must be realistic with your goals.

Once a month, check in to see if you’ve managed to reach those goals. This lets you assess whether or not the strategy is working for you. 

Monthly Blog To Do List

1. Update Blog Posts

Every month, ensure that you make it your habit to update older blog posts to give them new life. Google Search Console is a free tool that you can use to identify posts that I can improve if updated.

I use it monthly to improve 1 to 2 posts at a time as this is how much I can without messing with my blogging schedule. Bring them up to the first page of Google with easy updates. 

1. Update Affiliate Links 

It is a good idea to go through your top money-making blog posts and ensure your affiliate links are still working. Do it manually to ensure that you redo the post in case you have to totally change the link or product recommendation. 

2. Find New Affiliates To Work With

Sometimes links become broken, affiliate links tend to stop working or something just goes wrong. It is important to update these links which sometimes means finding new affiliate companies to work with. 

It’s a good idea to also find better affiliate programs to work with and ideally those that pay more. 

Affiliate marketing is much more than just adding links to a post hoping people will click on it and make the actual purchase. 

So you need to be more strategic with your approach for you to make money.

The secret to making money with affiliate marketing is finding the right affiliate programs to join in your own niche.

3. Clean Up Your Email List 

Once a month, cleanse your email list.

Deleting your emails that have zero open rates is extremely important for the overall health of your mailing list. 

Of course, an email list can make you money and you are probably wanting to grow it as fast as you can but you need to keep an eye on your numbers. 

If they have not been opening your emails, you can try to resend them a re-engagement email to get them interested again if you want and then totally delete them if it does not work out. 

4. Perform Keyword Research 

You need to come up with great keywords so that your blog grows each month. Keyword research helps your blog get noticed by readers and brands which ensures that you make more money every single month.

5. Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas 

Every month brainstorm ideas for what you will blog about the following month. This will keep you organized and ahead of things. 

Most bloggers usually just sit down with a notebook and jot down blogging ideas as they pop up and the one that stands out the most is what they go with. 

But don’t do that. Be more strategic.

Go into my Google Search Console and determine what my readers want and love. 

Once I make note of this, I write more of that as this is what people are looking for when they land on my blog. 

6. Update Or Delete Plugins

Installing many Plugins slows down a site. Inactive plugins and those that are not updated are equally dangerous as they are an entry point for spam and hacker attacks.

So once a month, look at your list of plugins and delete any plugin if:

  • It is not updated to your latest version of WordPress
  • A lightweight plugin does the job just as well
  • It conflicts with another plugin on your blog

How To Make Your Daily To Do List Actually Happen

It’s important to note that just writing to do lists alone does not guarantee you will actually follow them.

This is what you need to do:

  • Number your to do list.
  • Prioritize your activities in order of their importance. Which one comes first and which one comes second
  • Be strict with yourself. When you sit down at your desk to start work, take a look at what is #1 on your to do list and do that. 
  • Don’t procrastinate.
  • Don’t entertain negative thoughts. 
  • If you want to take numbering your to do list to the next level, try putting start times against each activity. This is a great way to make yourself achieve a lot in a short space of time. 

What If You Don’t Get Everything Done?

Another potential issue is that you might not actually manage to get everything done on your blog to do list. So what happens?

Then review the blog to do list. If this happens it’s most likely because you were too ambitious, then try and learn how long it takes you to complete each task and do your best to avoid a repeat.

Go back to your weekly to do list and decide when the best slot for that activity would be. 

The best Blog To Do List Apps

  • Todoist for balancing power and simplicity
  • TickTick for embedded calendars and timers
  • Things for elegant design
  • OmniFocus for specific organizational systems

What Makes A Great To Do List App?

When it comes to to-do lists, everyone has different criteria. But good blog to do list has the following features:

  • Makes it fast to add and organize tasks in a couple of taps
  • Offers multiple ways to organize your tasks. Tags, lists, projects, and due dates are all helpful, and the best apps offer at least a few categories like this.
  • Reminds you about self-imposed deadlines. Notifications, widgets, email.
  • Offers clean user interfaces.

Why Is BlogTo Do List Doesn’t Work For Some People?

Look at the biggest mistakes one can make when using lists and how to avoid them.

1. Not finding the time to plan and regularly update your lists

To-do lists must be regularly groomed, otherwise, they become obsolete. Make sure you timebox your planning time in your personal calendar. 

Schedule your time for planning in advance, and regularly update your to-do lists – preferably daily. 

Remember that proper planning can save you many hours of execution, so always take time to do so.

2. Having too many items on the list

The more choices you have, the harder it is to decide where and how to start. That’s why it’s really important to limit how many tasks you put on your to-do lists. 

It makes sense to put 3 – 5 bigger tasks on your to-do list per day and perhaps a few smaller ones also. That comes to approximately 15 – 25 tasks per week. 

Thus divide tasks into to-do selected, and in-progress. So make sure there’s a manageable number of tasks selected to be done and the ones in progress.

3. Starting with easy tasks

It makes sense to prioritize tasks on your to-do list from the most important to the least important one. 

Then you should follow the eat that frog philosophy and start with the most difficult task on your list, otherwise, the most important tasks may never get done.

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Blog To Do List Wrap Up

At every stage of your blogging journey, it is important to assess your goals and be honest about one thing: If something isn’t working, change it and go back to the drawing board.

So as the weekends, you create your new master list and you are once again setting yourself up for a productive week via your to do list.

You need to be doing a weekly check of your statistics to see how your blog is going and where the traffic is coming from. 

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