The Best Landing Page Builder Software 2021

Best landing page builders

In this day and age, it is now easier to convince people to subscribe to an email list because of the best landing page builder software.

A thing which was not tenable in the past. In the past, bloggers were only using embedded forms to help them capture subscribers in their email lists. However, with the advent of the best landing page builders, bloggers are now able to add lead magnets to landing pages to persuade the people who are visiting their blogs.

The blogging industry is very competitive, so a host of strategies need to be put in place to capture more subscribers. This is where the concept of landing page builder comes in. The landing page hides the bait that is used to trap subscribers in the email list. This article intends to discuss the 10 best landing pages, their key features, and pricing.

What Is a Landing Page Builder Software?

Simply put, a landing page builder is a marketing tool that allows you to create web pages associated with a particular marketing campaign.

A landing page is aimed at increasing conversions from people who land on pages. In addition, some landing pages have features that can track how a campaign is fairing.

To realize this, a great lead page should be used to exchange an email and for a freebie. For example, grab your free ultimate guide to email marketing.

Just enter where the guide will be sent. Once the visitors enter the email address, they automatically subscribe to the email list.

Before picking the best landing page suitable for your online, it is important to know the important features that of a good landing page builder.

Features To Look For In a Landing Page Builder Software

An awesome landing page should possess the following salient features:

  • Ease of Use: Building a landing page should not take time. It should be an easy activity. Of course, it may take time. However, it should not take a long learning curve. Most of the landing page builder software discussed below have intuitive interfaces.
  • Customization Options: A landing page builder should be easier to customize to suit your needs. When looking for a landing page builder, find one that will be easier to tailor to your needs on your blog.
  • Built-In Analytics: Ensure that the landing page builder has analytics tools. It should be able to help you measure the success or failure of a campaign. This is important as it will help you to gauge weather you succeeded or not in a campaign.
  • Email & Social Media Marketing Integrations: A great landing page should make it possible for you to integrate with common third-party marketing tools.
  • Optimization for Maximum Conversion Rate: An awesome landing page builder should offer tutorials that assist in building landing page which is converting.

8 Best Landing Page Builder Software Ranked

  • Leadpages
  • Instapage
  • Clickfunnels
  • Unbounce
  • Wishpond
  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • KickoffLabs

1. Leadpages

If you are looking for a cheap but awesome landing page builder, then Leadpages is the best option for you. Sometimes cheap things are associated with inefficiency.

However, this is not the case with Leadpages. The features of Leadpages do not match its price. It has a host of excellent features though it does not have stunning templates.

Key features:

  • It has a drag and drop editor
  • It has 156 templates
  • It has mobile-friendly pages
  • Includes conversion rate boosting extras: alert bars and pop-up boxes
  • It has on-page payments built-in
  • It has integrated Facebook ad builder
  • It has A/B testing
  • It has integrations with WordPress
  • It has mobile-responsive templates
  • It has coming soon pages
  • It has social media integrations
  • It has plugins for form creation and page design
  • It has unlimited landing pages on all the plans.
  • It has high page load speed
  • It has unlimited pop-ups
  • It has SEO functionalities


  • The Standard costs $25 per month
  • The Pro plan costs $48 per month and
  • The Advanced plan costs $199 per months.

They offer a 14-day free trial. Get started with a trial.

Get started with Leadpages

2. Instapage

Instapage has over 200 templates that can be customized easily. It is very simple to use. It can be used by business owners at all levels.

It has stunning landing page templates. With Instapage page builder, building a landing page is easy and faster. Anyone can design an instapage landing page builder.

It does not require knowledge of coding to design an attractive landing page.

You simply drag and drop blocks and you are done. It offers one of the best templates.

What is another key benefit of Instapage? They offer a variety of solutions designed for Google ads, Facebook ads, and retargeting ads.

You can quickly tie the landing pages to these points and create custom landing pages to match the ad campaigns you’re running.

Key features:

  • It has more than 200 customizable templates
  • It has a drag and drop buider
  • It has a provision for launching AMP landing pages
  • It has a provision for integrating with other platforms
  • It has a provision for cоnfіrming mеssаgе tо сustоmеrs
  • It has intеrасtіvе widgets
  • It has uр tо 5,000 customizable web fonts
  • It has an image library
  • It has a conversion analytics
  • It has unlimited A/B testing


  • The Core plan costs $99 per month.
  • The Enterprise package is quote-based.

They offer a 14-day free trial that allows you access to all the features of the Core plan.

Get started with Instapage

3. Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is ideal for people in the business of selling courses and other online content and bloggers.

ClickFunnels meets a market need that many of the other landing page software options on the list simply ignore.

They offer an awesome and incredible solution that anyone can set up in a few minutes.

Key features:

  • It offers an incredible solution for beginners
  • It is easy to use
  • It is designed for 3 main goals: generating leads, generating sales, and running an online event
  • It has many types of pre-built funnels
  • An A/B testing included on the platform
  • 24/7 Customer support is offered
  • It has a simple drag and drop landing page editor
  • It helps you build sales funnels that convert
  • It builds high-converting shopping carts with one-click upsells
  • It runs automated marketing campaigns
  • It’s users can manage everything in one single dashboard


  • $97/month for Startup Plan;
  • $297/month for Etison plan

Get started with Clickfunnels

4. Unbounce

Unbounce is the solution for marketers that are laser-focused on conversion.

This software is all about making sure you “un-bounce”— by guaranteeing that you can quickly and effortlessly deploy landing pages that convert like crazy.

With landing page builder software, on-page conversion is often an afterthought.

Key features:

But Unbounce makes some key decisions that are focused on quickly helping a user take an action on a page.

That includes popups and sticky navbars to add extra opportunities for a visitor to submit an email.

And their dynamic text replacement allows for SEM landing pages to be hyper-targeted for a visitor.

Over 15,000 customers including brands such as Vimeo, New Balance, and the New York Times trust Unbounce as their landing page builder.

  • It has a drag and drop functionality
  • It has more than 125 AI-powered templates
  • It has a dynamic text replacement for SEM campaigns
  • It includes popups and sticky bars as part of the plan features
  • It has an AMP-ready mobile pages
  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality
  • Over 125 AI-powered and mоbіle rеsроnsіvе tеmрlаtеs
  • Dynamic keyword insertion
  • Аutоmаtеd ЅЅL еnсrурtіоn
  • Sticky bars
  • Tools for lead generation
  • Clіеnt management аnd multі-usеr mаnаgеmеnt
  • Custom dоmаіns


  • $79/month for Essential;
  • $159/month for Premium;
  • •$399/month for Enterprise

Get started with Unbounce

4. Wishpond

Wishpond is another landing page. With Wishpond, you will launch a variety of landing pages quickly and with ease.

Their landing page builder software is mobile responsive, faster to launch, and allows you to integrate custom form fields to collect key information from your visitors or subscribers.

There are two approaches that Wishpond takes to the landing page builder business.

They offer two options. The first one offers you a chance to do it yourself while in the second opinion it is done for you.

Which option is better? Well, that largely depends on your skills and needs. However, the latter is better than the former option.

The latter plan provides a fully outsourced model with a team of designers, copywriters, project managers, and marketers that are at your beck and call.

Key features:

  • It has more than 100 mobile-friendly landing pages
  • Includes other marketing tools such as popups, contests, and email marketing
  • It has one click A/B testing
  • It integrates with more than 300 other services
  • It is easy integrate with other major marketing platforms.
  • It offers powerful additional marketing automation
  • It has templates that are all responsive across devices.
  • It has a landing page template gallery that caters for different industries, events and purposes.
  • It has professional-looking landing pages.
  • It has easy add-ons of pop-ups and forms, even for non-developers.
  • Extensive resources, with a knowledge base, and a library of webinars, ebooks, and articles on marketing and the platform.
  • Live chat support available.


$49/month for Starting Out plan; $99/month for Everything You Need plan; $199/month for Rapid Growth plan.

Get started with Wishpond

6. MailChimp

MailChimp is a great email software. It has great features like newsletter automation. One interesting feature is that they have a free plan.

If you have 2000 subscribers, you can use the free plan. It is one of the industry-leading email software.

What you might not know is that they also offer a landing page builder as part of their suite of software.

While it lacks some of the features of pure landing page software — the price sure is right. As your small business grows or if you want more customization, you’ll end up paying for those features.

Key features:

  • It has a drag and drop builder built-in
  • It’s content from your site auto-populates in your landing page builder
  • It is easy to tie your landing page to a MailChimp campaign


  • $0 for Free plan;
  • $10 for GetResponse
  • $199 for Pro plan

Get started with Mailchimp

7. GetResponse


GetResponse is a powerful and awesome marketing solution. It is an all-in-one marketing solution.

However, it is not a landing page software like MailChimp. It has advantages and disadvantages.

One of the advantages is that for the price of one you get multiple tools.

A disadvantage, however, is that you to be realistic and know that landing page software won’t necessarily be the primary thing on their product roadmap.

If you want a solution that is faster to launch which has capabilities rather than landing pages, then try GetResponse. It could be a good choice.

Key features:

  • It has over 5000 Shutterstock photos to use on your page
  • It is easy to integrate countdown timers to increase conversions
  • It has an A/B testing
  • It has a full suite of marketing tools – email marketing, webinars, marketing automation


  • $15 per month for Email;
  • $49 per month for Pro;
  • $165 per month for Max;
  • $1199 per month for Enterprise

Get started with GetResponse

8. Kickoff Labs

Kickoff Labs is a versatile software. Its viral campaign can be run as a landing page, pop-up, slide-in bar, or custom HTML.

With Kickoff Labs, you can set up a campaign with a viral loop such as Leaderboards, Bonus Referrals, and coupons.

KickoffLabs is designed for marketers that want to go beyond simple landing pages and instead are looking to launch viral marketing contests.

Key features:

  • It has 45 customizable templates
  • It is designed specifically for viral contests
  • It has awesome widgets that other best landing page builder software tools do not have


It has four plans namely:

  • $19 for Hobby;
  • $49 for Premium;
  • $99 for Business;
  • $199 for Enterprise

Get started with KickoffLabs

The Best Landing Page Builder Software Summary

A landing page is still one of the most effective ways to quickly capture a visitor’s details and put them on the path to purchasing your product or service. With a well-written headline, a captivating offer, and a CTA, you’re on your path to success.

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