Get to know: Who I am & how I got to where I am.


Who Am I?

My name is Beatious Kahale. I’m not an all-knowing guru. I do know, however, what I’m good at and these are general & agribusiness ideas as well as sharing actionable blogging tips.

If you want to build a business that gives you the lifestyle you want, I’m here to help you & am ready to render the help.

How I Got To Where I Am Today!

I’m passionate about helping fellow human beings. So I decided to create a blog – visionaryblogger.com as a platform for sharing the best affiliate programs.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve grown my blog, visionary blogger, to over 7000 monthly readers, and hundreds of dollars in revenue. 

However, if you’re looking for easy tips to make quick money, then I’m afraid you won’t find any of that here. Making money from a business calls for commitment & patience.